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telling it like it is. Very refreshing 
and truly inspiring!" 
 Diane Sindelar, AZ
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Do you ever feel alone, like no-one really understands you? 

Do you put on your brave, happy face on in an attempt to hide the pain and emptiness 
you really feel inside? 

Do you ever feel like you'd like to push a "reset button" on your life? 
Do you want to be inspired listening to unbelievable stories of people going from 
rock bottom to rock star?  

Do you want to live a life that your flippin' excited about livin'?!

Look No Further!

Learn how others have people faced unimaginable challenges and have gone on 
to live a life they only dared to dream of!

Embark on a journey of self-discovery that will help you make a shift in your life and business 

Connect with amazing men and women who are focused on changing the world ... one life at a time

Join me for weekly episodes as my guests and I get raw and real with you!  We'll expose our underbellies, get vulnerable with you, and inspire you to live your life all in ... full out!  
Don't just sit back and wait ... 

Make Shift Happen!

Here's a Sampling of Some of My Amazing Guests!
Overcoming depression and anxiety and going on to owning multiple successful businesses
Recovering from abuse and using her story to inspire others in a 
BIG Way!
Facing all the ways she sabotaged herself and going on to build a great coaching business
Experiencing horrific physical abuse to working with award winning film directors
Ordinary People Like You and Me are 
Changing the World ... One Person at a Time! 


By Making a Life Changing Shift in Their Lives!! 
If you're ready to be inspired, uplifted and motivated to make a huge shift in your life and business, and have your heart filled with stories of strength, courage, drive and determination ... 

You'll want to listen in on a weekly basis! 
Dana, founder of Source Your Joy and The Liberated Leader is known as the “Master Your Shift Powerhouse” passionate about helping her clients live life all in and full out. She takes her clients on an exciting journey of self-discovery that allows them to align with their authenticity and step into their power as a leader in life and business. 

She has the pleasure of working with individuals, small businesses and corporate clients around the globe. She provides the tools and platforms to help all of her clients reach their highest potential and begin livin' a flippin' amazing life that, in the past, they had only dared to dream of! 


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