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About the Book
There is a lot of suffering in this world. Suffering that can rob us of our dignity, our sense of self and our ability to live our lives unapologetically, authentically, all in and full out. However, we aren’t meant to suffer. Rather we’re supposed to feel vibrantly alive, resonating with love, joy, and compassion. We’re meant to live a fulfilling, meaningful life. Yet, the majority of us don’t live this way. Instead, we suffer needlessly; some even suffer endlessly.
No matter how dark times may seem, even if you feel you can’t go on, you must! You are powerful beyond measure and can accomplish amazing things! This book is a true example of this. Dana Zarcone has gathered 25 authors, from all over the world, who share experiences that will shock and astound you.

They bring you along on their journey's and share the pain, heartbreak, sorrow, and suffering they’ve endured. They expose their underbellies in the spirit of helping you understand that we all go through hard times, no one is immune, and everyone can come out on the other side stronger, wiser and happier than ever before!

It’s through this book, and the amazing stories they share, that you’ll find the hope, inspiration, and determination to do what you need to do to turn your burnouts and breakdowns into breakthroughs!

Inspired by the Your Shift Matters podcast that gives you tools, advice and inspiration you need to master your shift! 
Meet the Authors
Dana Zarcone
Compiler & Publisher
Bevan Bird
Camille Roman
Cyndi Robinson Sanders
David Phillips
Donna Marie Laino
Dorci Hill
Elsie Kerns
Gina Rowe
Haritha Yalavarthi
Joan Hughes
Joshua Bloom
Judith Richey
Kate Holt
Klara Gubacs-Collins
Lesha Kitts
Lois Wilson
Lorraine Tilbury
Lysa Young
Ratika Hansen
Robyn McTague
Samuel Nazer Walsh
Sheila Partridge
Susan Bock
Yael Sunshine
Sneak Peek at the Amazing Bonuses You'll Get
Ready for the Journey: 11 Tips for Healing Your Body, Mind and Soul
Author: Camille Roman
Drained, stressed and not quite as healthy as you should be? Everyone demands your time and there is nothing left in you for YOU? Tried one thing or another and you are feeling guilty because you have lapsed or others say you are being selfish?

 Here are 11 tips I used to make my way back from an experience with cancer, and how I incorporated them in my daily life to keep me going strong! You can too!
Journal of Appreciation 
Author: Cyndi Robinson Sanders 
An invaluable aid in keeping your vibration high and resetting your point of attraction for all your Best Life Dreams. This printable journal includes a quote for each day and blank pages for your words, drawings or pictures. 

The journal contains a discount coupon for services available at The cover art features work by one of our authors Camille Roman.
7 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress Instantly
Author: Dana Zarcone
Do you feel stressed, depressed, frustrated or overwhelmed? Research has found that over 25% of us experience extreme stress on a regular basis and that extreme stress is the leading cause of illness. 

Are you ready to go from stuck to unstoppable?
In this no BS, no "fluff", step by step blueprint you'll discover how to eliminate chronic physical pain, overcome stress, anxiety, and depression, calm the nervous system and restore balance, release fears and unravel limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. 
Energy Balancing & Protection Exercises
Author: David Phillips
Do you sometimes feel like your head is spinning and it might just pop off? Do you ever feel like other people just drain your energy? Do you occasionally feel out of balance?

Use these simple energy and movement techniques to help ground and protect yourself. These techniques are simple yet very effective especially when continually used over time. .
The Top 3 Things That Get in the 
Way of Your Success
Author: Donna Marie Laino
Do you ever feel like you are struggling, can’t reach your goals or you are stuck on your career path? You are not alone! Often times your stress and anxiety get in the way but you don’t realize it could be other things you have overlooked. 

If you think it’s time to flush out the old ways and bring in new ways to achieve success, click the button to climb the next rung in your success ladder!
I BELIEVE! Eliminating Self-Doubt
Author: Dorci Hill
Get clear about what's stopping you from living your best life now. Eliminate stress, self-doubt, and self-sabotage NOW so you can Do Better, Be Better, Feel Better!
Stressbuster Strategies for Optimum Health
Author: Elise Kerns
Here are fun videos with easy stressbusters that release anxiety, stress and are available 24/7. Learn a safe way to let go of anger and frustration. Calm the flight/fight panic button in two steps. Follow me and practice the Eight Minute Wellness Revitalizer. 

This anti-aging daily routine recharges your energy and strengthens your immune system. Make it a habit every morning for a healthy way to begin your day. Enjoy these effective energy medicine techniques for vitality, long life and optimum health.
The Top 6 Ways to Blast Through 
Your Money Blocks 
Author: Joan Hughes
Are you struggling to make money? No matter how much time and effort you put in, or training you get, you can’t seem to break through the invisible ceiling that is keeping you stuck? 

Your financial struggles may not be your fault. You may have hidden blocks to money and success. Discover 6 easy ways to blast through your money blocks and finally have the success you seek. 
The Top Three Mistakes Women Make When Emotions Kick In
Author: Joshua Bloom
In this transformational audio presentation, you'll receive some amazing and unique tools to gain confidence and become emotionally free. Joshua Bloom will show you that when your emotions kick in, you can be well equipped to understand and react in the best possible way.

You'll transform and gain the true confidence that comes with freeing yourself from the grip of debilitating emotions. Download this audio and set yourself free. This is an opportunity to learn how to live your life to the fullest!
Release The Traps Keeping 
You From Peace
Author: Judith Richey
When was the last time you felt like you were living in a state of peace and balance? Is your every day life like riding in a car with 3 low tires and 1 flat one?  Is it a struggle to get through every day because you feel like at any minute you’ll explode, fall apart, or have all the wind knocked out of you? 

Learn how your trapped emotions affect you and how you can experience emotional release to create your life of peace and balance. Schedule a free session where I will guide you to the life you'll love.
Affirmations for Transformation  
MP3 Digital Download
Author: Kate Holt
Relax and unwind, while feeding yourself soothing yet powerful affirmations  for transformation. Kate’s voice will lull you into deep relaxation so you can receive the positive messages deep into your subconscious mind. You can 
listen as you drift off to sleep and you’ll awaken with new resolve.
Communicate with Clarity and Confidence and Embrace Your Genius in 
Life and Business
Author: Klara Gubacs-Collins
High impact communication from your zone of genius is an area vastly neglected in the field of online coaching, course development and mentorship! There are many important aspects to a successful interaction with your future, present and returning clients but most importantly there are 3 essential mistakes that you maybe making at various parts of your business.

Whether in your marketing, enrollment call or in the classes you teach these mistakes could cost you the sale, the relationship, and worse, the success of your business. 
Healing from Loss through Creative Expression Workbook
Author: Lois Wilson
Are you ready to embark on your healing journey in a whole new way? This workbook contains four powerful projects that will guide you in accessing and expressing your feelings of loss, taking your unique healing journey to a deeper level than ever before. 

Come experience the healing that guided, compassionate, creative work can unleash in you!
How to Prepare for Difficult Conversations
Author: Lorraine Tilbury
We've all been there...

Something, or someone, is bothering you at work, and you know that you’ve GOT to address it. WHAT NOW? 

This free “Difficult Conversation” blueprint will help you construct your approach so that you prepare for the conversation the best way possible. 
The Zen Path to Badassness
Author: Ratika Hansen
The stressors of life – good and bad – are everywhere. They pull us in different – and often opposing – directions. They start as big celebrations and small distractions. And they can quickly lead to frenzy and overwhelm. 

How can we bring ourselves back to peace, calm, and awesomeness for our sake and for the sake of those around us?

Download this guide for 51 mindfulness tips to zen yourself to badassness any time life happens to you.
Start your Day with Joy - Meditation 
Author: Robyn McTague
  Do you wake up in the morning thinking about all the things you need to get done the day? How would your life change if you woke up and started your day with joy? 

Download this short 4 ½ minute meditation to begin your day in a high vibration of joy. When you set your intention for the day, you are creating a life of freedom. Free to choose, no longer controlled by external pressures. You create from the inside out. Begin your journey today.
The Lifelong Friends Gift Bundle.
Author: Samuel Nazer Walsh
 Do you like bundled surprises and gifts? Gifts that are more valuable than your cost of purchasing a book. If your thoughts told you “Yes” to the above question, go no further, my mystery pack of bonuses will deliver beyond your expectations.

Click the image and be sure to enter the password: karma to access your gifts.  Also, there are additional bonuses you can obtain at:
7 Steps for Tuning into Your Soul
Author: Susan Bock
Do you wonder why some things are such a struggle? Do you long for a simpler, easier way? That was me – addicted to the struggle and making things so much more difficult, complicated and frankly exhausting! Then I discovered the secret weapon – what a shift and now it’s your turn. 

When you follow these steps for tuning into your Super Soulful Self, you, too, will experience more joy, love, peace, contentment and fulfillment in your life. Click on the button for instant access.
Find Your Calm,: A Guided Meditation 
to Help You Relieve Stress and Feel Centered 
Author: Yael Sunshine
Are you feeling stressed or anxious? Do you want to feel a sense of inner peace and clarity?

Use this ten minute guided meditation to recalibrate your mind, body and soul. Find a renewed sense of calm and wellbeing.
Order Your Copy Today and Receive up to 19 Book Launch Bonus Bonuses from Our Amazing Authors as a Thank You!
(See book launch bonus details below - All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross for Disaster Relief)
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